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1031 Exchange Program

Mamey Investment Corporation’s 1031 Exchange Program was developed to meet the needs of investors who have sold a property and are looking to re-invest their sale proceeds utilizing Section 1031 of the IRS Code to defer the payment of taxes.

We provide our investors with the opportunity to purchase high-quality, well-located and high-yielding investment properties in a significantly less stressful manner. This is done through a tenant-in-common ownership. Utilizing the efficiency of Mamey Investment Corporation’s professional real estate team, investors that are seeking to complete an exchange are able to locate replacement properties and meet their time requirements without the stress that occurs when they attempt to complete the process on their own. This is accomplished through simplification of the acquisition process, our expertise in closing real estate transactions, and our relationships with the commercial real estate brokerage community and other industry professionals.

If you are considering a 1031 exchange and would like to obtain more information on our services please contact us at info@mamey.net or call us at 949.851.8100.