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Our funds maximize returns and minimize investment risk by building a diversified portfolio of real estate assets. All investments are analyzed through an extensive due diligence process. Each investment is weighed on its merits and must meet certain underwriting guidelines set by MIC.

California Real Estate Opportunity Fund, LP

California Real Estate Opportunity Fund, LP (the Fund) is a newly organized California limited partnership established to take advantage of the current economic situation and its effects on the commercial real estate market. This Fund will invest in a diverse portfolio of real estate related loans, real estate related debt securities and other real estate related investments.

There is presently a need for short-term financing that will cure and restore existing commercial real estate. The Fund will provide "Rescue Debt Financing" and in conjunction with the restructure of the existing debt instruments on a property, will create a financially stable asset. The main purpose of this rescue financing is to create a significant, actual and meaningful increase on the equity of the property or project. The infusion of this capital must immediately and substantially increase the asset value.

The Fund intends to originate and acquire mortgage, mezzanine, bridge and other real estate related loans, to invest in real estate related debt securities such as commercial mortgage-backed securities and collateralized debt obligations and to invest in various types of opportunistic real estate. The Fund plans to diversify its portfolio of income-producing assets that provide attractive and stable returns to our investors. Further, the Fund intends to structure, underwrite and originate many of the debt products in which it invests.

Its general partner, Mamey Investment Corporation, will operate the Fund and manage the portfolio of investments.

MIC Infinity Fund, LLC

Investments in MIC Infinity Fund, LLC generate a 7% return to our investors' monies. Funds are liquid on a yearly basis making this investment similar to a CD with quarterly payments. The funds are secured by promissory notes against the assets owned by the fund. This fund is ideal for IRA monies.

Regional Center Properties, Inc.

Regional Center Properties, Inc. (RCP) is a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)-approved EB-5 regional center located in Southern California. We combine decades of experience in immigration law with expertise in real estate development and investment fund management to offer excellent service to EB-5 immigrant investors from all over the world. For more information about Regional Center Properties, Inc., please visit the RCP website.

If you are considering investing in real estate and would like to obtain more information on our services, please contact us at info@mamey.net or call us at 949.851-8100.