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Our Mission Statement

Mamey Investment Corporation offers our investors positive returns on secured investment opportunities through the acquisition of commercial real estate and the origination of real estate loans.


"It is not often in the real estate business that we are able to work with companies that are honest, ethical and, as importantly, do exactly what they say they are going to do. Therefore, when we do have the pleasure of working with companies such as Mamey Investment Corporation and people such as yourself and your staff, we like to take the unsolicited opportunity to say thanks!"

- Jim Hopper

President and CEO, Asset Management Consultants, Inc.

"We are pleased with the extreme level of professionalism displayed by MIC, and look forward to many years of investing together."

- James J. Goson


"One of the best things about our dealings with Mamey Investment Corporation is the fact that there has always been timely information and communications about the various investments that we are in."

- Dave Tax


"MIC has consistently provided returns and services I have been unable to find elsewhere. I have confidently recommended Mamey Investment Corporation to many of my associates."

- Robert Gibbs

President, NRB Development Company

"Excellent, professional service, an absolute pleasure to do business with. We appreciate the highly professional relationship we have with MIC."

- Gary Awad

President, Three G Capital

"I am most appreciative of the opportunity to be included as one of your investors. I have 100% confidence in your decisions regarding investment opportunities."

- Norma Shanbour


"After many years of successful investing, I have developed a great sense of confidence and trust in Nelson's expertise. I have always found his staff to be bright, energetic and knowledgeable. I look forward to many more years as I continue to invest towards my grandchildren's future."

- George Darany


About Us

Mamey Investment Corporation

Originally incorporated in 1957, Mamey Investment Corporation began investing in real estate in the Los Angeles area. Its successor corporation, under the direction of Nelson G. Mamey, has grown to include investments in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and Oklahoma.